Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

This year was my first participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. I learned some lessons, and made and ate some delicious cookies! One of the lessons I think I learned was that I was only supposed to make one type of cookie…? Oops. “Overachieving in cookie production is a bad thing…” said no one, ever. Another lesson, about shipping and packaging, at the bottom.*cookie-swap-2013

My favorite part was the excitement of receiving a package in the mail… all 3 types of cookies I received were so different, and from people of different interests and backgrounds, which was way cool. I found it even kismetic (I just made up a word) how some of us were connected in little ways ways whether through travel, common interest (besides food, of course!), or background. A couple other great things were the awesome silicone spatulas I was almost too giddy about receiving from OXO, a partner of the GFBCS, and the almost $14,000 this year’s event raised for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!

I received the moistest, softest Apple Jack Cookies from Karen at 2 Teaspoons, perfectly spiced and beautifully decorated Gingerbread Men from Nita at thebRUNcher, and finally, deliciously unique Taro Root White Chocolate Chip Cookies from Kristin at Bake Something.

My cookie recipients were Veronique at Food and Wine Chickie,  Natalie at In Natalie’s Shoes, and Dixya at Food, Pleasure, and Health. I would also like to shout out to my dear friends Hannah and Nora of Cats and Commas, who introduced me to the swap!

Here are the 3 recipes for the 3 cookies I sent this year! Continue reading


A Post PostSecret Post

From PostSecret… this has definitely been me before. Whoever you are, you are much braver than me for pulling it off like it was intentional! I probably wouldn’t have just thrown mine in the trash or only let myself eat it, depending on its level of atrocity.

I love checking PostSecret on Sundays. It makes me feel like no matter what I think at any time about anything, I’m not alone!