What’s Bacon? Bacon maple cookies!

I’ve made sort of a habit out of taking baked goods to work once or twice a week… the baking process is (mostly) calming and satisfying, and the sharing keeps me from eating all the treats. Going from being surrounded by food all day, every day, to sitting in a office for 8 hours leads to withdrawal, apparently.

This is a recipe from a friend from college who lives in Sydney, Australia and has a cooking blog, 4 Seasons Food, where she shows off the skills of her culinary training in Canada.

I adapted the recipe a little, as it’s for maple-bacon ice cream sandwiches that feature maple ice cream. I simply added about a tablespoon

IMG_3476of molasses, a good drizzle of real maple syrup, and a pinch of allspice. I also used bacon ends and pieces, which I was first exposed to working at the retirement home, and fell in love with how huge, meaty and delicious the pieces tend to be, and I coined the term “bacon steak” for one of my favorite kitchen treats. Ends and pieces are also, on average, cheaper than strips since they are quite literally the scraps left behind after slicing. Daily’s is a great brand, but I am trying to consciously take advantage of local goods here since they really aren’t that much more expensive and are sometimes even less expensive than the name brand. Montana’s Best Meats (yes, the creativity is just overwhelming over here) has delicious salty, maple-cured bacon ends and pieces. 2 lbs cost about $6.


I put the dough in the refrigerator for about half an hour before I started scooping and baking because it was just a little too soft for my liking when It was done mixing, and I feared that all the fat in the cookies would just make them flat, wide-spread little messes. 

I made a simple glaze with maple syrup, powdered sugar, a touch of orange juice for acid and bourbon for, well, booze, because I didn’t realize they were going to be as savory as they were. In hindsight, I might have added another 1/2 cup of white sugar in addition to 1 cup of brown sugar. One thing I will say about these cookies, though, is that while they are unique and pretty delicious in their own way, they probably aren’t something I’ll make again simply because I think it’s a waste of bacon to put it into sweets. Or to put it in anything, really.



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