What’s Bacon: Road Trip Edition

At the end of July 2011, I went on a road trip to help move a friend to her post-grad job in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The whole trip was mapped out for stays with family and friends all along the way, so my portion of the journey (from Eugene to Chicago) was hotel free. Not only did this save us a great deal of money, but it also provided us with hosts to take us around the cities we stayed in, and give us recommendations of how to get the best out of our short stays. Since I have about 5 gajillion pictures from 10-day adventure, I am sharing the foodie side!

Day 1: Redmond, OR

Delicious huevos rancheros from One Street Down Cafe in Redmond, OR.

Days 2 & 3: Idaho, Wyoming

Our little packed lunch that we packed for our hike at the base of the Tetons. Havarti and hummus!

Morning housemade granola with yogurt and a delicious pastry from Pendl’s Bakery in Driggs, ID, our fuel-up before spending a day at the base of the Grand Tetons.
Days 4 & 5: Colorado

Afternoon beers at Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver.

Delicious produce and home-crafted deliciousness at the Boulder Farmer’s Market.

Days 8, 9 & 10: Chicago!

Dunkin’ Donuts!

My first deep-dish experience at Giordano’s. Amazing!

Hot dogs from America’s Dog at Navy Pier.

Chips, mango salsa and cold beers on a hot, sticky summer day near Cloud Gate at Millennium Park.


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