A 4th Thing I Love…

Fresh summer vegetables. Well, fruits too, technically. Small and delicious surprises.

I have to share this beautiful heirloom tomato that was left for me by a friend whose cat I am watching over for the next 2 days. I unlocked the door, said hello to the kitty, and found this beast of a tomato sitting on the table with a note saying “Eat Me!” It was huge! It filled up my whole hand, and the color was a deep red with dark green and purple stripes… the photo doesn’t do it justice. It was the perfect ripeness, such a nice texture and great flavor. Sweet but not overly so, and with that slightly earthy taste you get from a tomato – like the smell of tomato blossoms before they begin to turn in to beauties like this!

I wish I could afford to buy tomatoes like this at farmer’s markets (since they are outrageously priced at grocery stores), or at least the space or permanence to grow some of my own for a season or two.
Too bad I don’t have any goat cheese…
Lycopene, here I come!

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